Members of FLOC met via ZOOM on April 13, 2021, and held their second-ever board elections.

Local’s reported any updates since our last meeting in January. One of the progress updates included some great news. Our very own FLOC member Yolanda Long ran for a board position and won; a big shout out to Yolanda Long from your fellow FLOC members!

Updates continued and many Local FLOC committees announced that our FLOC family is growing!

More great news was announced by our International Rep. Heather Laverty. FLOC members will be holding their September membership meeting in Las Vegas. This will be the first in-person meeting held since December 2019.

FLOC Board election results:

Eric Espaillat (Top Right) and Jordan Bravo (Bottom Right) – Co-Chairs

Anthony Hernandez (Bottom Left) – Recording Secretary

Jarrod Gillen (Top Left) – Communications